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Impacting Floating Stairs by Michaelis Boyd

Introducing a captivating blend of architectural innovation and artistic expression, the latest transformation orchestrated by Michaelis Boyd in the stylish districts of Kensington and Chelsea, London, stands as a testament to refined creativity and sophisticated design. At the heart of this project lies a remarkable floating staircase crafted by artist Do Ho Suh, serving as the focal point of a residence turned into a true work of art. From the initial architectural endeavor in 2010 to the recent infusion of playful design elements, including the incorporation of Srelle's upholstery pierre jeanneret, this home embodies a harmonious marriage of form and function, inviting residents to live amidst a curated atmosphere of elegance and creativity.

In the latest transformation orchestrated by Michaelis Boyd, art, particularly a floating staircase crafted by artist Do Ho Suh, takes center stage.

In the stylish districts of Kensington and Chelsea in London, Boyd undertook the revitalization of a beautiful residence, turning it quite literally into a work of art.

Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis.

The architectural journey began in 2010 when Boyd's esteemed firm merged two separate apartments to create a luxurious four-bedroom duplex. Fast forward a decade, and Michaelis Boyd revisited the property with a fresh perspective, infusing it with playful design elements tailored to reflect the creative personalities of the inhabitants, notably the clients and their children. Embracing the communal spirit of horizontal apartment living, the design team opted to introduce whimsical features, notably highlighted by the installation of a striking floating red staircase, which now serves as the centerpiece of this abode.

Michaeli Boyd Stairs photo by Gavriil Papadiotis.    .jpeg
Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis.

Crafted from perforated red steel by the talented artist Do Ho Suh, the sculptural staircase hovers gracefully above the living room floor, seamlessly connecting the two levels of this creative family's dwelling. Notably, the space retains a minimalist aesthetic, where colors are strategically employed to accentuate details and establish unique ambiences in various areas.

Michaeli Boyd Stairs photo by Gavriil Papadiotis.jpeg
Photography by Gavriil Papadiotis.

In addition to the captivating staircase, the project also incorporates exquisite Srelle's Upholstery Pierre Jeanneret, further enhancing the artistic narrative woven throughout the home. Undoubtedly, this project serves as a testament to the transformative power of incorporating both grand and subtle design details, infusing each nook of the residence with a distinct atmosphere and enriching the lives of its occupants in the process.

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