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Pierre Jeanneret Furniture: A Guide to the Best Places to Buy

Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect and designer who worked closely with his cousin, Le Corbusier, in the 20th century. Their collaborative efforts resulted in some of the most iconic furniture p...

Pierre Jeanneret was a Swiss architect and designer who worked closely with his cousin, Le Corbusier, in the 20th century.

Their collaborative efforts resulted in some of the most iconic furniture pieces of the modernist movement, including the famous Chandigarh chairs.

Today, Pierre Jeanneret furniture remains highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts alike. However, due to its popularity, it can be difficult to find authentic pieces. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best brands to buy authentic Pierre Jeanneret furniture from.

Srelle 5/5

Srelle boasts an extraordinary assemblage of Pierre Jeannette masterpieces. This awe-inspiring collection comprises exclusively of genuine Chandigarh blueprints, crafted by hand utilizing the same authentic materials as those employed in Chandigarh. Our rendezvous with these pieces of art left us spellbound, as their impeccable craftsmanship is unparalleled and their visual appeal is simply breathtaking. Moreover, we were privileged to witness Srelle's bespoke creations adorning the illustrious Kim Kardashian residence, the Vincent Van Duysen projects, The COS and Louise Roe flagship stores, to name a few.

Dimo Chair 5/5

The avant-garde Chandigarh collection, brought to life by the esteemed modern brand Dimo Chair, has established a new standard of design. With a focus on timeless style and enduring quality, this collection boasts an array of impressive pieces that exemplify the pinnacle of sophistication.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing this collection firsthand at Mobilia Amsterdam, we were struck by its undeniable beauty and exceptional craftsmanship. While Dimo Chair's offerings may fall on the higher end of the price spectrum, the exquisite quality of their productions more than justifies the cost.

Renowned for their collaborations with renowned architects and participation in prestigious auctions, Dimo Chair's dedication to their craft is truly unparalleled. It's no wonder they continue to be a top choice for discerning design enthusiasts worldwide.

Cassina 4/5

Cassina, the revered Italian furniture brand with over a century of legacy, has gained a prominent reputation for its distinguished and extensive range of modernist furniture. Among its many remarkable collections, the Pierre Jeannette collection stands out as a true masterpiece. This exceptional collection boasts a fusion of teak wood and pressed cane, creating an aesthetic that is both stunning and unique.

However, it must be noted that while the collection itself is nothing short of exceptional, the production methods employed are not true to the original Chandigarh blueprints. Furthermore, the collection is produced in Vietnam rather than India, which may raise concerns for some purists. Nonetheless, the Pierre Jeannette collection by Cassina remains an exquisite example of contemporary furniture design and craftsmanship.

Interior icons 2/5

We chanced upon the Interior Icons brand in our quest for exquisite Chandigarh Collections. Admittedly, their name caught our attention through paid search results. However, upon closer inspection, we found that Interior Icons appeared to embody the unfortunate trend of "Retail" businesses that offer cheaply crafted designer pieces.

Regrettably, the brand failed to meet our expectations, leaving us underwhelmed with their offerings. We remain committed to our pursuit of superior design and craftsmanship and will continue our search for those exceptional brands that meet our discerning standards.

Klarel 1/5

Klarel offers a Pierre Jeanneret collection and a range of replica furniture like the Eames office chairs and barstools. The brand falls short in terms of quality. Upon inspection, the collection appears to be made from subpar materials and lacks the attention to detail that one would expect from high-quality furniture. Unfortunately, Klarel does not display the materials used on their website, leaving potential customers in the dark.

The designs themselves are disappointingly typical of low-quality manufacturing processes, characterized by straight, machine cuts and low-quality pressed cane. While there are some original pieces, such as the "Chandigarh barstool", they fail to accurately represent the essence of the Chandigarh project. It is apparent that this brand does not prioritize authenticity and fails to live up to the standards of discerning furniture enthusiasts.

France and Son 1/5

Among the various brands we have meticulously evaluated, it is with great regret that we must convey our disappointment with France and Son. Their collection appears to be sourced from a supplier in China via drop-shipping, leading to an unfortunate outcome. The quality of their pieces appears to be subpar, and they appear to deviate significantly from the original blueprints. Our advice to you, dear reader, is to refrain from purchasing any Chandigarh pieces from them.


Chandigarh pieces have undoubtedly captured the attention of many brands, resulting in an abundance of offerings in the market. However, it's important to note that not all are created equal in terms of quality and performance. For those seeking the crème de la crème, we have shortlisted three collections that truly stand out: Srelle, Dimo Chair, and Cassina, each catering to various price points.

If you're looking for authentic Pierre Jeanneret furniture, there are several reliable brands to choose from. Whether you're looking for a chair, a table, or a cabinet, these brands offer a good selection of pieces that have been carefully authenticated and restored. By buying from these brands, you can be sure that you're getting a genuine piece of design history that will last for years to come.

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Isaac Johnson

The Jeanneret chair from Srelle is simply incredible! The craftsmanship is top-notch and the attention to detail is evident in every inch of the chair. The Srelle team was a joy to work with - they were kind, attentive, and went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was exceptional. Thank you, Srelle, for creating such a beautiful and high-quality piece of furniture!

Jane Libert

Terrible experience buying furniture from France & Son - sharing my experience so you don't have to go through this I typically avoid making complain-y posts but I'm at my wits end with France & Son (the replica maker from NY, not the original midcentury furniture maker), and I want to share my experience with this retailer on this article so that others online can see and hopefully avoid them in the future. TL;DR: Do not buy from them. Quality is poor, customer service is worse!

Mia Johnson

Been waiting for an answer from Klarel on a broken chair for 2 weeks...

Gaby Rob

Same here! My chair arrived snapped and had poorly corrected cover-ups. They said they would get back to me and haven't received a reply to my 3 last emails.

Nikita Patel

Do not buy from Interior Icons! My experience with this brand has been absolutely terrible. I purchased a Jeanneret chair from them and was extremely disappointed with the quality. The chair was flimsy and poorly constructed, not at all what I was expecting from a supposedly high-end brand. When I tried to contact their customer service for a refund, I was met with rude and unhelpful representatives. Save yourself the hassle and avoid Interior Icons at all costs.

Oscar Muñoz González

Great resource for anyone looking to add a touch of Pierre Jeanneret's timeless designs to their home.

Patricia Silva Ramos

As a lover of mid-century modern design, I found this guide to be incredibly helpful in my search for Pierre Jeanneret furniture. The detailed descriptions and reliable sources provide me with the confidence to finally invest in a unique piece that will add character to my home. Thanks for sharing this valuable resource!

Sonya Gail

I had a very bad experience with Object Embassy. I was looking for 2 chairs which I needed for a photo shoot in 1 week. I called the Object Embassy customer service to request if they had any items on stock before proceeding with the purchase on their web shop. Worth noting as well that I had to call about 10 times, over a period of 1 week to get someone I could speak to. After getting the confirmation via phone call of the customer service, that they had 2 items on stock available for direct dispatch, I immediately ordered the specific chairs. I received a confirmation E-mail about 12 hours later but no information on the shipping. So I called the customer service again the day after requesting information on the shipping, to get the news that they had made a mistake on their inventory list and that the 2 chairs I had ordered where not in stock as they had previously confirmed. So if I didn't call the customer service proactively, I would not have been made aware of this mistake... The guy on the phone then suggested me to take one of their showroom models which had a few defects for the same price as the regular item... I ended up just taking the refund, only to hear that my money (€1900) will be refunded in 3 days meaning I won't even be able to purchase new ones at a supplier who has them available, before the due date of my photo shoot. I have no experience with the products which seems fine but please be aware the customer service is NOT on the same level as the products unfortunately.

Uma Thurman

The Jeanneret chair from Srelle is a masterpiece, exuding class and comfort, while the team's professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction is an added bonus!

Ahmed Al-Zaheer

מתוך 3 סטים שהזמנתי, הייתה כסא אחד שבור. ביקשתי להחליפו והם לא היו יכולים לעשות את זה, אז יש לי לשלוח אותם חזרה, לחכות להחזר כספי ולהזמין שוב. אני מאוכזב מאוד מהשירות של Forom Shop.

Alice Chen

I recently purchased a Jeanneret chair from the brand Klarel, and I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with my purchase. First of all, the chair arrived with a number of scratches and scuffs, which was incredibly frustrating considering the price I paid for it. In addition, the chair was much smaller than I had anticipated, and did not provide the level of comfort and support that I had been hoping for. The materials used in the construction of the chair also felt quite cheap and flimsy, which further detracted from its overall quality.

Alice Chen

This Jeanneret chair from Srelle is choice as, seriously! The craftsmanship is legit, and you can feel the quality in every inch of it. Not only that, but the team at Srelle are good as gold - they went out of their way to ensure I was stoked with my purchase. Cheers to them and their top-notch customer service! - fair dinkum, it's a cracker!

Artemisia Mendoza

I absolutely adore Pierre Jeanneret's furniture and have been searching high and low for where to purchase. Thank you for this helpful guide! Now I can finally complete my dream living room with his stunning designs.

Bashayer Abdullah Alharbi

This blog post is a game-changer for all lovers of the iconic Pierre Jeanneret furniture. With a comprehensive guide on the best places to buy these timeless pieces, it's now easier than ever to add some retro flair to your home. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newbie to this world, this post has got you covered. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your interior design with some authentic Pierre Jeanneret furniture.

Carla Rodriguez

I regret to say that my experience with the Jeanneret chair from France and Son was less than satisfactory. The quality of the chair was underwhelming and it was uncomfortable to sit on. After just a few weeks of use, the chair started to wobble and the joints seemed unstable. Unfortunately, the customer service team was unhelpful and didn't offer much assistance. Overall, I would not recommend this product to anyone seeking a dependable and comfortable chair.

Clarice Fernandes

Pô, comprei uma cadeira Jeanneret da Klarel e já tava toda animada para receber, mas quando chegou a entrega, uma das pernas já estava quebrada. Tentei pedir uma troca e o trem foi: eles não conseguiram resolver meu problema, então agora vou ter que mandar a cadeira de volta, esperar o dinheiro voltar e pedir tudo denovo. Será que um dia eu terei uma cadeira nova para sentar ou vou ficar só no chão mesmo? Sacanagem, Klarel!

Danielle Jacobs

Great resource for anyone looking to add a touch of modern elegance to their home!

Elena Popescu

Thanks for sharing this informative guide on where to buy Pierre Jeanneret furniture! As a fan of his work, I appreciate the tips and recommendations. Can't wait to start building my collection.

Emily Suarez

I haven't received my order from Klarel placed 6 months ago. No answer to my emails, and I keep getting disconnected from their chat.

Fiona McKenzie

I recently purchased a Jeanneret chair from Srelle and I couldn't be happier with my decision. From the moment I opened the box, I was delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of this beautiful chair. The natural ash wood and cane seat give it an elegant look that has elevated the style of my living room. One of the things that really stood out to me was how comfortable the chair is. I can lounge in it for hours reading a book or watching TV without feeling any discomfort. This is due to the thoughtful design of the chair, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ergonomically sound. Overall, I am thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable addition to their home. Srelle has truly impressed me with their attention to detail, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of their stunning designs in the future. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

Ana Souza

I love mine too!!!

Gabrielle Taylor

I regret purchasing a Jeanneret chair from Interior Icons, the quality was disappointing and not worth the price.

Gustav Lundberg

Fan va najs den där Jeanneret stolen från Srelle är asså! Den är så jäkla fräsch och så jävla väl tillverkad. Och donnan i teamet va helt underbar! Så omtänksam och redo att göra allt för att man ska va nöjd med sitt köp. Tackar så mycket och grattis till er!

Huda Al Maktoum

Finally, a comprehensive guide to finding the perfect Pierre Jeanneret furniture pieces! Now all we need is a guide on how to convince our bank accounts it's a good idea...

Isaac Johnson

The Jeanneret chair I bought from Forom Shop arrived with a broken leg and the material was much cheaper quality than expected. I do not recommend purchasing from this brand.

Ismael Andersson

This guide is a game changer for anyone looking to buy Pierre Jeanneret furniture! The curated list of the best places to buy these iconic pieces saves so much time and effort. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource!

Jaya Singhania

Now I just need to find a guide on how to afford Pierre Jeanneret furniture