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Olivier Dwek’s Project

"The Vision by Olivier Dwek" offers a captivating glimpse into a Brussels residence expertly crafted by architect Olivier Dwek, where opulence and contemporary art seamlessly converge. The living room serves as the epitome of timeless sophistication, with iconic furniture pieces like the Serpentine sofa by Vladimir Kagan, vintage stools by Charlotte Perriand, and exquisite selections from the New Hope Gallery. This artistic haven also boasts a carefully curated collection, including "Untitled (2005)" by Gert & Uwe Tobias, Takuro Kuwata's ceramic creations, and a Thomas Houseago mask, all sourced from prestigious galleries. In this enchanting space, design and artistry come together to create an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance and allure.

THE VISION by Olivier Dwek

In Brussels, pristine walls, expansive spaces, and furnishings by Prouvé and Jeanneret engage in a harmonious conversation with the finest contemporary art. Enter the realm masterfully crafted by architect Olivier Dwek.



In the heart of opulence, the Serpentine sofa by Vladimir Kagan takes center stage in the living room, flanked by vintage 50s stools from the visionary Charlotte Perriand. The exquisite Josephine table by Ado Chale and the iconic PK80 daybed by Poul Kjaerholm, sourced from the exclusive New Hope Gallery, add an air of timeless sophistication. At the forefront, the Kangourou chair beckons, while in the background, the Senate-Committee teak armchairs by Pierre Jeanneret from the 50s offer a seamless blend of comfort and mid-century elegance.


DESIGN Delight

Returning to the living room, the wall becomes a canvas with "Untitled (2005)" by Gert & Uwe Tobias, sourced from the illustrious Rodolphe Janssen. Atop the table, the ceramic creations of Takuro Kuwata, curated with precision from the atelier of Pierre Marie Giraud, showcase a fusion of artistry and functionality. Flipping the page: Above the fireplace in this enchanting space, a Thomas Houseago mask, curated exclusively from the artistic troves of Xavier Hufkens, adds a touch of enigmatic allure.



The grandeur of the open living space seamlessly unfolds into the dining area. Every interior volume, a testament to the creative genius of Olivier, stands as a bespoke ode to the artistry of wood.



The expansive living area effortlessly merges into the dining space, a masterstroke of design curated entirely by the visionary Olivier. A sanctuary of relaxed sophistication, every interior volume whispers tales of refined elegance.



At the dining table, the avant-garde Plug by Rick Owens takes center stage, accompanied by the ceramic marvels of Akiyama Yo, both sourced from the exquisite Pierre Marie Giraud. Surrounding this culinary masterpiece are the iconic cane and teak chairs by Pierre Jeanneret for Knoll from the 50s, procured from the prestigious Galerie Downtown, alongside the wooden elegance of Jean Prouvé's Metropole 306. On the wall, a mesmerizing Sterling Ruby collage adds an extra layer of artistic allure to this curated space.



Behold the exquisite sideboard designed for La Cité Radieuse by Le Corbusier in 1949, gracefully paired with Ross Bleckner's Flower Painting, both curated with precision from the eminent Maruani Mercier. In this sanctuary of slumber, a harmonious blend of mid-century mastery and contemporary artistry creates a haven of unparalleled sophistication.



Step into the culinary realm where the kitchen becomes a haven of natural connection, adorned with Jeanneret stools. Each stool, a testament to organic design, seamlessly integrates into the culinary canvas, transforming the space into a symphony of functional elegance.



Unveiling a corner of creativity, behold the workspace atop the Base Building table from the late 50s, a masterpiece by Pierre Jeanneret. This meticulously crafted haven invites inspiration, transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary realm where productivity and aesthetic charm seamlessly converge.



Luxuriate in the Stone One bathtub by Aquamass, complemented by the elegant Mem faucets from Dornbracht. This fusion of opulence and precision in faucet design transforms your bathing experience into an indulgent ritual, where every detail exudes sophistication.



In the private sanctum, the PK9 chair by Poul Kjaerholm claims its space alongside the captivating Dream Scape artwork by Eddie Martinez, acquired from the exclusive gallery, Sorry We're Closed. This curated corner in the bedroom becomes a tableau of refined taste and artistic allure, where every element resonates with sophistication.

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