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The Miami Fragrance World: Farah Abassi & Aroma 360

You may have heard of Aroma 360, Luxe Collection, Hotel Collection, or any other illustrious brand names curated by Aroma 360, the fragrance operation founded by Miami-based Farah Abassi.

Known for its sophisticated scents, Aroma 360 has introduced several sub-brands, capturing the olfactory imaginations of many.

Aroma 360 has made a significant impact through high-profile endorsements. 

Celebrities like Daymond John and Scott Disick have all been associated with the brand, and strategic partnerships with prominent names like the Miami Heat and Disney have further solidified their presence in the market.

However, beneath the veneer of luxury and success lies a troubling reality. Aroma 360 has been entangled in numerous lawsuits alleging deceptive and illegal business practices. 

The brand's alleged practices, such as enrolling customers in exorbitantly priced subscriptions without consent, launching promotional campaigns with unbreakable memberships, and initiating credit applications without customers' knowledge, have left many consumers feeling deceived and taken advantage of.

These practices have not gone unnoticed. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has received many complaints regarding Aroma 360's operations. While the authorities' future actions remain uncertain, the controversy surrounding Aroma 360 continues to unfold, casting a shadow over its luxurious facade.

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